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Foldable Phones this 2019: To buy or not to buy?

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Are you ready for Foldable Phones this 2019?


Would you buy a foldable phone?


Compared to some 10 years ago, smartphones have evolved significantly. From using monochromatic screens with only a few pixels to a massive technological wonder, who knew you can store a gadget with the same processing power as a laptop? If you think that smartphone technology has plateaued, it’s about to take a gigantic leap this 2019. Many cell phone brands today are now on the race to create the first foldable phone this 2019.


One of the most vocal about creating a foldable phone for 2019 is Samsung. There are unconfirmed reports about a 7-inch phone with a screen that can be folded like a wallet. Some alleged leakers are even calling it the “Samsung Galaxy X” with the price reaching as much as $1800, and to be released within the first half of 2019.


Another massive name in smartphones, Huawei looks like it’s going to beat Samsung phones to the race. The Chinese tech brand has already beat Apple as the second biggest smartphone supplier in the world, it’s possible that they just might be the first brand to develop a foldable phone. Huawei is now developing bendable OLED displays with BOE Technology Group. The goal of the foldable phone, however, was to create a media buzz so large that it could beat Samsung. Looking for Huawei phones price list? Check out Huawei price Philippines.


Xiaomi is also gearing up for a 2018 foldable phone release. The third largest smartphone maker is allegedly working with a Korean tech parts manufacturer to create an “out-folding” type phone. Besides Xiaomi, Oppo is also making a similar approach with their foldable phone plans for 2019.


Although foldable phones look like something from Futurama, many brands are on the race to become the first to introduce it to the market. Back in 2016, Lenovo demo-ed engineering concepts featuring a phone that can fold around your wrists as well as a foldable tablet. Though these phones are mere concepts, Lenovo pointed out that foldable phones are not much of the display but how to make sensitive components bendable. Moreover, Lenovo are among the best laptop brands in the Philippines including ASUS, DELL, Acer, HP, and a whole lot more. Check out the latest laptop price Philippines!


For Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo, there is much work to be done to make a foldable phone work. We can’t wait to see what these brands have in store for us this 2019.

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