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Also worth mentioning, and I would have posted this above but it's been voted on, so I can't edit...

The netbook seems like it almost never needs to be changed. You can use it literally all day (if you put it to sleep when you're not using it) and plug it in @ night, it will never die on you.

The opposite is true for notebooks. You can use it all day while it's plugged in, and get anywhere from 4-8 hours out of the battery... Mine last about 4 hours maybe a little less depending on what I'm doing (or 5-6 hours if I turn the display lights down and switch to the integrated GPU).

So another upside to netbooks, they use very little power.

4 points


>> Limited set of IO options

>> No CD/DVD unless it's through a USB CD/DVD drive

>> Less USB ports

>> No firewire (IEEE 1394/b)

>> No Serial Ports

>> Video output in some form (sometimes)

>> No PCI Express expansions

>> Gigabit ethernet only

>> Efficient processors

>> Slower, and less memory

>> Integrated GPU (shares system memory, less powerful gpu)

>> Small dim displays

>> Low resolution

>> Small keyboard

>> Etc.

If you need a $400 calculator that you can check your email with, the netbook is best... or if you need an extremely mobile computer with an IO centered around networking...

4 points


>> Full set of IO options

>> CD/DVD Drives

>> More USB

>> Firewire (IEEE 1394/b)

>> Serial ports

>> Video output in some form

>> PCI express expansion slots

>> Modem/gigabit ethernet

>> Better processors

>> Faster and more memory

>> GPU's (in some cases multiple GPU's)

>> Bigger, brighter displays

>> Higher resolution displays

>> Full keyboards (-num pad)

>> Etc.

If you need power and portability, the notebook is best...

Jubilee and I have three computers here.

$800 Lenovo (Desktop)

$2600 15" Macbook Pro (Notebook)

$400 Samsung NC10 (Netbook)

Jubilee owns the Lenovo and the NC10, I own the Macbook Pro... Look at the price difference!

$1,200 for a very powerful desktop, and a very portable netbook... and I paid more than double that for a single computer with the benefit of both. It is about 80% as powerful as the desktop and is about 50% as portable as the netbook. If you look at the money Jubilee has spent on her machines per year, it's only $200 less than what I've spent.

(I'm not trying to justify spending >$1400 for an Apple product :P )

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"I am bored."

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Gender: Male
Age: 38
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Postal Code: 93305
Education: Some College
Via IM: imbbardlbradd

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